“Our homes are designed to allow their owners to live their best possible lifestyle.”ARASH BEHESHTI, PRESIDENT, AB8 GROUP


Arash Beheshti, president of AB8 Group, has a singular mission. “We provide our clients with an unprecedented product and experience. We are unrelenting in our pursuit of bringing the very best in building and design to each residence. We pride ourselves on taking the hassle and guesswork out of creating dream homes so that owners can enjoy luxury without effort."

Fastidious beyond measure, Arash was always driven to enhance and evolve every aspect of building, from processes to final products. Aligned with one of the city’s most influential builders for over a decade, he developed a reputation for elevating both efficiency and precision in every high-rise project he commanded. Still, his vision drove him to strike out on his own: to create signature, turn-key luxury homes. In doing this, he is able to influence any imaginable detail in service of the ultimate dwelling.

We begin design with a blank-page approach. This is an approach without compromise. It means we scrupulously evaluate every element of an AB8 home. Incorporate each to perform a specific purpose. And consider each in relation to all other elements in the home.



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